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  1. Hoare/Massingberd

    Sujet de discussion (forum)

    I am researching the Massingberd family of England, and find that a member of the family lived in St. Omer. I am unable to discover much about this, and would appreciate any information that can be found about the following. Henry Massingberd (1750-1782) married Maria Hoare, daughter of Mr. F. Hoare in St. Omer in 1779. Maria (also known as Elizabeth) died in St. Omer in 1784. They had one child, Elizabeth Mary Anne, born in 1783. Henry and Maria were living in St. Omer in 1783. It is possible that Henry was a merchant trading with the port of Bristol in England.

  2. Freda Campbell

    Sujet de discussion (forum)

    Freda Campbell, also known as Freda Massingberd Campbell was an English lady born 4th October 1885. She died on 10th April 1981 at Clos de la Shameen, Ave des Agaves, Roquebrune, Cap Martin, France. I would like to know when she first lived in France (last known in England 1913), and anything about Clos de la Shameen and her time there. She was separated from her husband before moving to France. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Peter.

  3. Freke Dilkes Hore

    Sujet de discussion (forum)

    Freke Dilkes Hore had served with the British Army in Nova Scotia, but by August 1777 he was living in St. Omer. I would be interested to know anything about him or his wife and daughter who I believe were living with him. I do not know the address, but his wife and daughter were both named Mary Ann. I am also interested to learn about a law suit that Freke Dilkes Hore was involved in. He wrote in August 1777 saying that the law suit prevented him from leaving the country until Spring 1778. I welcome your comments. Peter.

  4. Freke Dilkes Hore

    Sujet de discussion (forum)

    Freke Dilkes Hore was married in 1783. At the time he lived in St. Omer, but I do not know if this is where he was married. I would like to know details of this event, and in particular who he married, and any information about her. Many thanks.